About Majella

I am a registered social worker, positive psychology practitioner and integrative therapist with over 30 years of experience in working with people and communities to have a better life. My work is trauma informed, person centred and humanistic.

Mostly I am human, experiencing life with all that shows up, joy, loss, grief, play – being courageous to tell the truth quicker, connect with others and celebrate life in all it’s forms. I work with individuals, teams, groups, communities and organisations to facilitate changes that free people up to be more of who they are in whatever they are doing. My work takes me all over the world – Australia, New Zealand, US, Continental Europe and the UK.

My work has afforded me the luxury of working alongside art therapists, group therapists, academics, creatives in the music industry (I used to manage bands), hosting salons, supper nights and opening the first Happiness on the High Street London pop-up shop called Urban Woot. I am the founder of Guerrilla Hugs, raising awareness of the importance of platonic touch throughout life, increasing connection through the use of touch. I am co-lead of the RSA Mindful Living Network, alongside Dr Tina Basi we work together to support cultural and societal shifts for a better world.

I live in London and Wirksworth, keep bees, like to run (slowly), walk (hike), cycle, I love film and am passionate about the positive effect cinema can have on how and who we are!

See my Psychology Today Profile for more details.

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