We are able to offer clinical and professional supervision for individuals, groups and teams working in health and social care.

Clinical supervision provides an opportunity for staff to:

  • Reflect on and review their practice.
  • Discuss individual cases in depth.
  • Change   or modify their practice and identify training and continuing development needs

Professional supervision is often interchangeable with clinical supervision. This term is sometimes used where supervision is carried out by another member of the same profession or group. This can provide staff with the opportunity to:

  • Review professional standards.
  • Keep up to date with developments in their profession.
  • Identify professional training and continuing development needs
  • Ensure that they are working within professional codes of conduct and boundaries.

The purpose of clinical supervision is to provide a safe and confidential environment for staff to reflect on and discuss their work and their personal and professional responses to their work. The focus is on supporting staff in their personal and professional development and in reflecting on their practice.

Clinical supervision can help ensure that people who use

services and their carers receive high quality care at all times from staff who are able to manage the personal and emotional impact of their practice.

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